Former child actor Evan Ellingson, known for his roles in CSI: Miami and 24, dies at 35.

Evan Ellingson found deceased in his sober living home in California, as confirmed by his father.

Despite past drug addiction battles, Ellingson was in recovery at the time of his passing. No foul play detected.

Notable role as Kyle Harmon in CSI: Miami, the son of Lt. Horatio Caine, spanning 18 episodes.

Portrayed Josh Bauer in 24's 6th season, navigating a season of intense family drama.


The entertainment industry mourns the loss of Evan Ellingson, a talented actor who left a lasting impact.

Versatile TV roles include Complete Savages, Titus, Bones, Mad TV, State of Mind, and General Hospital.

Ellingson's repertoire extended from TV to the big screen, starring as Cameron Diaz's son in "My Sister's Keeper."

Fans and colleagues pay tribute to Evan Ellingson, cherishing his contributions to the world of entertainment

Reflecting on Evan Ellingson's career and the legacy he leaves behind in the world of entertainment.

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