Juicy, spiced meat delights grilled to perfection in Lucknow.

Kabab from Tunday Kababi

Aromatic Lucknow specialty biryani with selected spices and marinated meat.

Biryani from Idris and Wahid’

Tender meat in rich spices served with soft bread, an absolute delight.

Kulcha Nihari from Rahim’s

Sweet saffron-infused flatbread, a must-try in Lucknow.

Sheermal from Chowk

Khasta from Ratti Lal

Crispy khasta kachori served with delectable sabzi in Lucknow.

Basket Chat from Gomti Nagar 

A unique chat variety served creatively in a basket shape.

Bun Makkhan 

Sharma Ji Tea Stall Fresh buns with homemade butter, a comforting snack in Lucknow.

Thandai from Raja Thandai

Refreshing milk drink with dry fruits and saffron aids digestion.

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Makkhan Malai from Chowk 

Fluffy, creamy dessert made with milk, cream, and spices.

Kulfi from Prakash

Delicious traditional kulfi served with falooda, a sweet finale.