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How we talk with this bajaj finance customer care number For the EMI Solution

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You must have heard the name of Bajaj finserv, bajaj finance customer care number at some point of time. This is a company that provides loan services, it has left many banks behind in the last few years. Today it is at number one  in terms of loan services. In the last few years, this company has taken its stock to great heights, due to which the eyes of thousands of investors are fixed on its stock and now it has become a hot stock. This is for all investors.

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Now let us talk about Bajaj finserv loans

If you have ever taken a loan from Bajaj Company and for some reason your EMI is not deducted on time, if you pay the EMI within the next 3 days from the EMI date, then no extra charge will be levied on your EMI, if it If more days pass and even after that you are not able to pay then now you will be charged extra, after that when you have the money then how will you get it.

We will know how to talk bajaj finance customer care number

bajaj finance customer care number Now you do not know how our EMI will be deducted, how we can talk to the customer care, otherwise the charges will keep increasing day by day, in today’s article we will know what is the right way, by which we can talk to the customer care. and find solutions to all your problems,

When you search Bajaj customer care number in Google, you will see such an interface.

We will know how to bajaj finance customer care number

And you will see this number on the screen, when you try to call this number then like all the companies it will tell you many options but at the end you will not get to hear that press 9 to talk to the customer care, You will get tired after doing all this but you will not be able to get what you want, you will be disappointed once again.

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Now let us talk about what is the right way how to talk bajaj finance customer care number

So that we can talk and find the solution to our problems, bajaj finance customer care number first of all, if you have taken any loan then you must have installed the Bajaj Finserv app which looks something like this. 

how to bajaj finance customer care number

Activate it by entering your number and you will be logged in with OTP.

bajaj finance customer care number

After that click on account in the bottom right corner

Your loan details will be visible from there, how many loans you have running, what is the limit of your card, everything will be visible. And all your loans will be visible there. Those whose EMI is late will also be visible in red color. 

bajaj finance customer care number

By clicking on it, you can also pay your missed EMI and advance EMI.

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If you still want to talk to customer care due to some reason, then click on the three lines in the top left corner and then go to Help and Sports, 

bajaj finance customer care number

Then click on the following options according to your problem, after that you will get a message box. You can tell your problem and after some time you will get a call back, then you can solve all your problems.

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