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Claude Instant 1.2: Anthropic’s New LLM Offers Improved Performance and Safety for Businesses

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There’s this company called anthropic principle that made a super smart computer program called a “Large Language Model.” They named it Claude Instant 1.2. This new version is like an upgrade and is really good for business stuff. 

You know how sometimes you use apps on your phone? Well, this model can be used by other programs through something called an “API.” It’s kind of like when you share something with your friends, but in this case, the program shares its smarts with other programs.

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Claude Instant 1.2 is really cool because it’s like a superhero that’s fast and doesn’t cost too much to use. It’s good at lots of things like math, coding, thinking, and even chatting. You know when you talk to your friends or write stuff? This model can help understand and talk about it.

It’s like having a super smart friend who can help you understand things better and even summarize big pieces of writing. Also, this new version is really strong against bad people who might try to break into it.

So yeah, Anthropic made this cool computer thing that’s great for businesses, helps with all sorts of tasks, and is tough to break. Cool, right?

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The ultimate Claude Instant 1.2

So, there’s this new thing called the “Claude Instant 1.2.” It’s like a super smart computer program that’s good at doing different tasks. 

First, I took a test in something called “Codex P@1 Python programming.” It got a score of 58.7%. That’s better than the older version, which only got 52.8%. So, the new one is smarter when it comes to Python programming.

Then, there’s this other test about math problems for grade-school kids, called “GSM8k grade-school math problems benchmark.” The new version did even better here. It scored 86.7%, while the old version got 80.9%. So, it’s better at solving math problems too.

The new version can also write longer and more organized answers. It’s good at following instructions for how things should look. It’s like making sure your homework is neat and tidy.

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It’s also better at finding quotes and can understand many languages. If you ask it questions, it’s better at giving you good answers.

Oh, and one cool thing is that it doesn’t make as many mistakes. It doesn’t create sentences that don’t make sense, like if I told you the sky was made of chocolate. So, it’s like a smarter and more reliable computer friend.

Upgraded Virtual Assistant

“Claude Instant 1.2” is like an upgraded version of something that was there before. It’s actually better in a lot of ways, even though there are a few parts that got a bit worse compared to the older version.

Now, Claude 2 is something that people can use directly on a website called Anthropic. But this new thing, Claude Instant 1.2, is a bit different. It’s not available for regular people to use on the website. Instead, only businesses can use it, and they have to do it through something called an API. We talked about this before.

But here’s a cool thing: even though regular people can’t use Claude Instant 1.2 directly, there are some other services they can use. For example, there’s Poe from Quora

DuckDuckGo’s DuckAssist, and the Notion AI Assistant. These services can sometimes give people access to Claude Instant 1.2 and some other similar things, like the new Meta’s Llama 2 model.

The rise of Anthropic 

This company called Anthropic started in 2021, and it’s run by someone who used to work at OpenAI, named Dario Amodei. They’ve managed to get a lot of money, around $1.45 billion, and people think Anthropic is worth several billion dollars. 

But even though that might seem like a huge amount, it’s not enough for what they’re planning to do. They think they’ll need $5 billion in the next two years to make the chatbot they’re imagining.

Anthropic says they already have many customers and partners. For example, a website called Quora uses their stuff, and you can access Claude and Claude Instant if you subscribe to a special generative AI app called Poe. Also, 

Claude is the power behind a tool called DuckAssist on a search engine called DuckDuckGo. This tool can give you direct answers when you ask simple questions. And there’s something called Notion, where Claude helps out with an AI writing assistant that’s part of the Notion workspace.


So, basically, Anthropic is a company working on cool computer programs that can write and do other clever things with text, and they’re teaming up with different places to make their programs useful and available to more people. 

Even though some parts of Claude Instant 1.2 aren’t as good as before, it’s still a big improvement overall. And while businesses can use it with an API, regular folks can still get access through other services like Poe, DuckAssist, and Notion AI Assistant.

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