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Introducing apple iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max from

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Apple will show off its new apple iPhone 15 models on Tuesday at their yearly September show. This time, they might make the biggest change to the phone’s look in 11 years.

The special event will happen at Apple’s main office in Cupertino, California. You can watch it live on their website starting at 10 a.m. local time.

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Usually, the yearly iPhone event is quite predictable. They usually talk about small improvements like battery life, cameras, and screens. But this year, Apple is likely to introduce something new: USB-C charging for their phones. This change could make it easier to charge your phone with different chargers and devices.

Apple iPhone 15 Pro The new changes

Apple is making changes to the iPhone charger, design, and camera to give people more reasons to buy new iPhones. Apple’s sales went down for three months in a row, and they earned $39.7 billion from iPhone sales this quarter, which is about 2% less than last year. People aren’t buying new iPhones as often as before.

On Tuesday, Apple started their event by telling us about the new Apple Watch Series 9. It has a special Apple chip and can connect using ultrawideband. 

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The updated Apple Watch can listen to your voice to record health information, let you share contact info with a simple touch, and make the display brighter when you raise your wrist. You can get the Series 9 in different colors like pink, navy, red, gold, silver, and graphite.

Big news about how you charge your Apple device

Before, Apple made iPads and MacBooks charge with a kind of plug called USB-C. But now, it looks like Apple might do the same for iPhones. This could happen not long after the European Union made a rule saying that all smartphones, tablets, cameras, speakers, and other small things must use USB-C for charging by 2024. 

This rule is special because it’s the first of its kind. It wants to make life easier for people by reducing the number of chargers and cables you need when you buy a new gadget. It also lets you use different gadgets and chargers together, even if they’re made by different companies.

More Things About apple iPhone 15

People are saying that all the apple iPhone 15 models might have something called “Dynamic Island.” It’s like a special place on the phone where you can see alerts, messages, and controls. This will replace the notch at the top of the screen. The fancier iPhone 14 Pro phones already have this feature.

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Now, even though there aren’t many rumors about the cheaper apple iPhone 15 models, we’ve heard some interesting stuff about the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max. A report from Bloomberg says these phones might get a few new things. This could include a special camera lens on the back that helps you zoom in better. 

They might also have a casing made of titanium, which would make the phone 15% lighter and thinner. These Pro models might also come with a super-fast A17 chip, which would make the phone work faster and last longer on a single charge.

Oh, and they’re saying that the apple iPhone 15 will come in new colors! We got a hint from the Apple logo on the event invitation. You might be able to get it in navy blue or some updated shades of gray, white, and silver.

What is status of Vision pro

In June, Apple showed a new thing called the Vision Pro. They say it will change how we use computers. A person named Yoram Wurmser thinks Apple will talk about more things this year to get people excited for when it comes out in 2024. They might also tell us when it’s coming out. 

This new thing is a mix of two things: virtual reality (where you see made-up things) and augmented reality (where you see computer stuff on top of what you see in real life). This is a big deal for Apple and has some risks.

Iphone 15 line-up pricing

India price:

The Apple iPhone 15 series in India has different prices. The least expensive one, called the apple iPhone 15, costs ₹79,900 if you want 128GB of storage. If you prefer more storage, the 256GB version costs ₹89,900, and the 512GB version is the most expensive at ₹1,09,900.

For the apple iPhone 15 Plus, it starts at ₹89,900 for the 128GB version. If you want more storage, the 256GB option costs ₹99,900, and the 512GB one is priced at ₹1,19,900.

The fancier apple iPhone 15 Pro comes in different storage sizes. The one with 128GB storage costs ₹1,34,900, the one with 256GB costs ₹1,44,900, the 512GB version is ₹1,64,900, and the 1TB one is ₹1,84,900.

If you want the bigger apple iPhone 15 Pro Max, it costs ₹1,59,900 for 256GB storage, ₹1,79,900 for 512GB storage, and ₹1,99,900 for 1TB storage.

Apple iPhone 15 Pro US price:

Apple didn’t change the prices for the basic apple iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro in the United States. However, they made the apple iPhone 15 Pro Max $100 more expensive.

The iPhone 15 begins at $799 (which is about ₹66,300), and the apple iPhone 15 Plus starts at $899 (approximately ₹74,500). Additionally, the apple iPhone 15 Pro costs $999 (around ₹82,800), and the iPhone 15 Pro Max now starts at $1,199 (approximately ₹99,400).

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Dubai price: 

The apple iPhone 15 costs around AED 3,399 in Dubai, which is nearly ₹76,700. Meanwhile, the iPhone 15 Plus starts at AED 3,799 (about ₹85,700). 

If you’re interested in the fancier apple iPhone 15 Pro, it begins at AED 4,299 (about ₹97,000), and the top-of-the-line apple iPhone 15 Pro Max starts at AED 5,099 (around ₹1,15,000).

Apple is bringing out new AirPods, Apple Watches, and telling us when their software updates will come

Every year, Apple usually shows off new AirPods, Apple Watches, and announces when their software updates will be available. This year, we can expect the Apple Watch Series 9 to be revealed along with a tougher version called the Ultra 2, which is made for people who love sports.

 However, the big changes to the smartwatch are expected to happen next year with the Apple Watch Series 10, so the updates this year will be smaller in comparison.

Furthermore, Apple is going to reveal the new AirPods, which will have a different charging case that can be used with USB-C cables. They will probably also tell us when the new software for the iPhone, iPads, Mac computers, and Apple Watch will be available.

For example, back in June, Apple talked about a bunch of new things that will come with iOS 17. They’re making autocorrect better, adding a cool feature called Live Voicemail that can write down what someone says on the phone as they say it, and introducing a tool called NameDrop that makes it easy to share your contact info by putting two iPhones close together. 

They are also changing the phone app on the iPhone, moving the hang-up button to the bottom right of the screen with the other buttons.

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